Our solution proposition

Despite the recognition of entrepreneurial skills as crucial for professional success, institutions face challenges in providing effective and engaging training. There is a pressing need forinnovative solutions that bridge the gap between education and the entrepreneurial world.

Direct Skill Application

Video games provide an interactive sandbox for players to experiment with entrepreneurial concepts, apply critical thinking, and witness the consequences of their decisions without real-world risks.

Engagement Through Immersion

The immersive nature of gaming captivates learners, keeping them engaged in complex problem-solving and learning by doing, which is crucial for deep aria-hidden lasting education.

Practical and Relevant Learning

Our games are designed with input from business leaders and entrepreneurs to ensure that every task, challenge, and level mirrors the real trials and triumphs of starting and running a business.

Measurable Growth

With each game session, PlayComp provides tangible metrics on skill development and competency growth, turning abstract concepts intomeasurable achievements.

Resilence Through Gameplay

Players learn to embrace failure as a stepping stone to success. In a safe environment, failing is just another form of practice, teaching resilience and perseverance essential for any entrepreneur.

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Why is PlayComp a good choice?

PlayComp integrates the power of video games into entrepreneurial education, creating a dynamic environment for developing and analyzing entrepreneurial competencies. It's based on the European Union's EntreComp framework and offers an engaging, narrative-driven experience that is as educational as it is entertaining.

A lot of games

A versatile library of games designed to improve various entrepreneurial skills.

Real-time analytics

Real-time analytics for individual and group performance tracking.

statics PlayComp! example
Personalized tracking

Custom feedback and improvement plans for each user.

Save Money

A collaborative platform involving professionals and businesses to ensure relevance and applicability.

Partners, collaborators and stakeholders

We do not make this journey alone, but in collaboration with multiple entities that have helped us to achieve success. To all of them, thank you for your trust.

StartUB! Incubator We are collaborating hand in hand to make the PlayComp content relevant and applicable on a daily basis.
Barcelona Activa Incubator Barcelona Activa's Creamedia program marked a turning point in different dimensions of our company. Being a strategic partner in the implementation of the product.
Accion Contra el Hambre
Acción Contra el Hambre Incubator With action against hunger we validated the technology used in the project "El camino del emprendimiento". Game that was used to reward entrepreneurs with in-kind prizes.
ENTI-UB University We have collaborated several times with ENTI to make our brand visible as a reference for applied games in the video game sector.
Gecon.es Non-for-profit company Together with other universities and institutions we have collaborated to develop Housing+, a European initiative to learn real estate law in a more dynamic and fun way.
CASIO Esp Public company We have collaborated with CASIO Esp (Education Department) to create our first serious game, an experimental video game to review mathematics in high school.

Our Team

The team brings together experience in video game design, software development, art and animation, as well as educational and technological projects, which uniquely positions them to carry out this project.

COO img

Joel Perez

COO & Founder

Videogame designer with knowledge in 2D & 3D art and animation. I have worked as a 3D modeler and animator for videomapping projects and I have collaborated in an animation for Oceanografic.

CEO img

Martí de Ferrer

CEO & Founder

Graduate of ENTI-UB with honors in the TFG for Ludens Projects proposal. I have worked for CASIO Esp in the creation of a serious game and for the faculty of physics of the UB in a quantum dissemination game.

CTO img

Eric Garcia

CTO & Founder

Software developer with knowledge in both front-end and back-end development. Currently, I am in my final year of the Game Development Degree at ENTI-UB. My primary focus is on databases and virtual physics.

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St. Pau Gargallo, 30, Les Corts, 08028 Barcelona, Spain

Working Hours:

Mon-Fri 9.00 AM to 7.00PM.

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